Our material is produced by Polycoat Products. They are an industrial coating manufacturer and a worldwide distributor of Polyurea. They have many formulas for every application — from truck beds — to fuel tanks — to secondary containment on concrete.

High heat, high pressure systems are a far superior product than the low-heat, low pressure systems. High-heat products set normally in a 5 to 10 second set time producing a better looking finish. And by forcing the material through a high-pressure gun at 2000-3000 PSI you get a consistent texture and a more durable finish. These systems are harder than their low-heat-pressure counterparts that use a softer compound.

When you buy a name brand liner product you are paying for sales and marketing, not experience. Because when you buy a typical franchise, you pay to use their name and their product. They send a technician to teach you how to use sophisticated equipment and chemicals in a 2-3day training class. That’s it; you’re in business. Why pay top dollar for low quality from someone that doesn’t know the ins-and-outs of your application or your options?

At Pasadena Bed Lining you are getting over 20 years of experience. We have sprayed more than 3000 bed-liners. We understand how to get a factory finish with every bed-liner. We know how to spray; how to take pride in our work. We know that the finish depends on the preparation — that is why every truck is done like it is our own!